Friday, May 26, 2006

Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless

You might think that I will be writing about greed and corruption in the wake of our latest high-profile inductees into the exclusive brotherhood of corporate crooks enjoying the hospitality of our judicial branch’s accommodations. If so, you would be wrong. Sure, spending a few moments reflect on the expanding list of disgraced corporate execs caught red-handed is a most entertaining prospect. An equally amusing premise could include the political officials who find themselves spotlighted for their curious relationship with corporate representatives and lobbyists. Hey, haven’t these people have had enough time in the limelight? I am sure they would appreciate the solitude of the elegant amenities our government has generously provided to a select few…free-of-charge. What they need is peace and quiet…and time to learn the secret handshake of their new fraternal order. Time to defer their previous tediously lavish lifestyles…for a simpler existence. For those of you who cannot take the high-road like me, go to:

The temptation to discuss malfeasance was strong, but instead I’d like to talk about a much more engaging quandary…why don’t more people feng shui their offices? Office feng shui? Who am I kidding? On second thought, maybe the white collar criminals are more interesting. At one time, you had a better odds playing chess with Bigfoot than actually witnessing the wheels of justice turning in the direction of our esteemed leadership. Perhaps the terrain has changed, or maybe we can no longer afford the luxury of these corporate raiders' scandalous behavior in full-view of their investors. Perhaps there is hope for all of us in Who-ville. Whatever the reason, I see dawn of a new reality show--Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless. Complete with matching bracelets, and designer jumpsuits. We should work on this concept. I'm confident we can draw an audience to at least equal "Who wants to marry a millionaire." Anyone with me?

Congratulations to the latest maverick executives who put aside their ravenousness appetite for material possessions…at least temporarily. Now our heros answer to a higher spiritual calling. For the moment, let us all allow Mr. L, and Mr. S to enjoy basking in their moment in the sun. Stay tuned for details for their length of stay at our resort for cheats. Finally, we'll be waiting to welcome the latest nominees to take the “perp-walk” on a world-stage near you.


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