Friday, December 08, 2006

James Kim's Passing

I wanted to write about this story sooner, but thought I should wait until more results were known. Due to my personal connection to the subject, and his courageous actions…I’ve decided to suspend my No Names Policy and mention his name. I wish to send my deepest sympathy to the Kim Family at this most difficult time. James Kim is a hero, at a time when the term is used too freely. He will not be remembered as a hero because he was endowed with super-human abilities. He ventured out into the hostile elements with no guarantees, and no super-human abilities...only the conviction that he must act to save his family. James committed the ultimate act of courage and self-sacrifice to give his family a chance to survive. While we grieve with his family, remember the kind of man who surrendered the balance of his life saving them. In his life’s defining moment, James continued to be the man he always was…brave, loving, and generous. Reports labeled James the “Lost Dad” but he was never lost…he faced death the same way he faced life. One day they will reflect on his life and feel proud to have shared the too brief time with him as; wife, daughter, father, mother…and friend. To the rest of us, James left us all a story of love.


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